FinCypher Protocol
We are creating a new generation of distributed marketplace to facilitates the repackaging and distribution of DeFi Loans and other risky assets targeting to democratize credit risk distribution.
What is FinCypher Crypto Collateralized Debt Obligations?
The FinCypher CCDO is the crypto equivalent of the financial CDOs. Our toolset enables the pooling of a large number of risky assets, such as DeFi loans, assets attached to betting results, even mainstreams receivables, and the application of trenching within a contract to issue Fyncypher tokenized instruments using those underlings as collateral. The protocol itself is a smart contract-based special purpose vehicle and related marketplace, which fully abstracts the complexity of the issuance and trade of this type of complex derivatives. The whole system is fully decentralized and very developer-friendly.
Starting from DeFi to venture out to the mainstream financial space to enable more efficient distribution of the risk for assets that do have an efficient mechanism of credit risk mitigation in legacy capital markets
April, 2021
Development of Smart contract infrastructure for Fincypher CDO implementation, enabling easy-to-configure features (such as trenching mechanism)
June, 2021
Development of Relayer Infrastructure (based on 0x) enabling easy development of DEXes specialized in FinCypher Derivatives
Sep, 2021
Release of powerful API gateway enabling easy integration of the FinCypher smart contract layer to third-party systems
Nov, 2021
Release of the fully functional DEX enabling easy development and issuance of Fincypher Cypher CDOs
Feb, 2022
Integration of zero-knowledge proofs and oracle network to enable the development of FinCypher token instruments backed by legacy risky assets and receivables
March, 2022
Onward: Development of new crypto financial instruments on top of the protocol
The FinCypher token has several roles in the system: first, it is applied as a base currency in the Fincypher ecosystem for the trade of Fincypher Crypto CDOs, next the token is used as a mean of payment of the relayer fees, and lastly token drives the governance process in Fincypher ecosystem allowing stakeholders to securely execute Fincypher protocol upgrades.
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